Tuesday, August 25, 2015

NM PED Background Supervisor commits Crime

As an applicant, I was treated abusively by the Background Supervisor, Caoimhin Ofearghail (aka Kevin OFerral), then he gave false information to the New Mexico State Police in Santa Fe on June 23, 2015.

NEW MEXICO WILL DENY A TEACHING LICENSE, although the Education Department did commit a crime against applicants.  I still enjoy my license from a real state, MONTANA. (come visit "Kevin")

It is unclear, other than email being returned from several unused emails indicating that this turd is gone from being the Background Supervisor.  This blog was started to warn Teachers from attempting license for teaching in the State of New Mexico.

Have no fear, as I do not because I have been a blogger for 6 years, and the one gospel is to tell the truth.  This blog is the truth and I fear no retributions.

Please tell all you know: New Mexico does not deserve you $125 in fees.  Mine is gone forever.  I was able however to say "fascinating" as the license supervisor, Shauna Flanagan told me she would do nothing about bullying by NM PED employees under her care.  See I sent an affidavit that the conduct occurred on March 24, 2015.  I stand behind this.

Well, what happened?  The NM PED employee decided to deride my past teaching experience in private schools, and another area of teaching.  Is this a place where you want to teach, much less deal with anyone from the NM PED?

As a licensed teacher, I am WARNING teachers to forget New Mexico.  The state can be described as a police state generally, then your district will be gunning for you.  Apparently you might be a number, and a number that no-one cares about in New Mexico.  Forget that you moved away from friends and family, you will be attached by the NM PED, and perhaps your district too.

I was the 6th teacher they hacked apart....does that sound like it is the teachers problem?  Nope, its the districts problem.  How quickly do you want to be lied to, abused by the licensing board in New Mexico called the NM PED?

Please heed this warning.  Unless you want to be abused, stolen from, then abused some more.  New Mexico is looking for some fresh meat.  Please dont be one of them.